You may buy festival accreditation via the GoOut portal, or directly in Mariánské Lázně. We kindly ask to provide student ID or an ISIC card.


The location where the festival takes place is a total of six - the Municipal Museum, the Municipal Theater, the Social House Casino, the Little Scene at the Chopin House and the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade. The Festival Center is housed in the Café Opera at the Zvon Hotel.

All places except the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade are located in the spa center of Marianske Lazne near the colonnade and the singing fountain. The Ferdinand Spring Colonnade is designed especially for the accompanying program of the whole festival, including musical performances, and therefore, thanks to its location, we do not disturb the spa guests. However, it is only 20 minutes from the spa center within walking distance.

VExceptionally, some parts of the program also take place at the Pacific Hotel, Arnice (extensive space next to the water area beneath the Colonnade - Mobile Film Club) and the Royal Golf Club.

A map of all the festival venues can be downloaded here.


Mariánské Lázně are easily accessible via car, train or bus. Please find all options here. Public transport in our town is provided by buses and trackless trolleys. You may buy tickets from the driver using cash or contactless cards. Only coins of any denomination may be used and the driver does not return change.

For schedulest see here.


For convenient parking use the Parking house. You may also use parking in front od shopping centres. Park thoughtfully and respect all regulations.

For Spa Quarter entry you will need a permit. If living in the Spa Quarter you will not need an entry permit on the date of arrival and departure. Please have your hotel booking information available. Entry permits may be bought from parking automats or from the Municipal Police. Please find additional information here. Entry into the Spa Quarter is CZK 20 per day and lasts until midnight.


Mariánské Lázně is a wonderful and young city surrounded by forests and beautiful nature. It is highly recommended to take a trip to the surrounding areas as well.

Not far from Mariánské Lázně is the unique Park Boheminium which is a miniature park where you can find the monuments from the whole Czech Republic that are built on a 1:25 scale. Close to Bohemian Park there is also a divine park.

With children you can also visit the Prelate Nature Park – a playground mostly made of wood built that is full of climbers and similar contractions. The Prelate is freely accessible.

On the hill above Mariánské Lázně is the Hamelika lookout tower, from which you can mainly see the spa town center. Another very nice view is on the opposite side of the valley above the hotel Esplanade - ask for Mescery´s View Point ... Then you will have to go see for yourself.

Mariánské Lázně is a city full of curative springs, but you can also find them outside of the center. The Bear Spring is located deep in the woods and stands by a stone statue of a bear.

The Forest Spring is located near the Municipal Theater, another is Antonín (Anthony) Spring which is flowing from a very beautiful fountain or perhaps Ambrož's (Ambrose) Spring, which is said to have the power to bring true love to one’s life.

More springs, maps, and details can be found here

Less than 9 km north of the town is a popular walking location called Kladská – an educational trail around two beautiful ponds and a hunting lodge. Kladská also has several venue options to eat game meat. It is recommended to combine the trip to Kladska with a visit to Smraďocha - a peat bog, where aromatic natural gases emanate.

Another unique aspect of Marianske Lazne is the speedway track. The track, built in 1922, was once used for racing horses and dogs and sparked an interest for sports life in the town. Today the track is used for racing motorbikes and small cars. The track is 1000m and since 2007 the quarter-finals of the World Championship are held there. If the motorbikes are not here, it is not just a dynamic spectacle, but in any case the place is very interesting.

Despite their relatively young age, Mariánské Lázně is an inexhaustible source for those who admire architecture. There are arbors, a few colonnades, and many pavilions in the city. In addition there are many different churches, from the Roman Catholic with the octagonal ground plan despite the modest Anglican, to the Orthodox temple designed by the St. Petersburg architect prof. Nikolaj V. Sultanov. One cannot forget the many hotels that are trying to intrigue their guests at first glance. Most importantly ... just take a stroll down the Main Street, look around, and take in what this magnificent spa town has to offer.

We wish you a pleasant stay!