Italy in Marienbad

This year we focus on Italy, a country that had a major influence on the development of film language at the beginning of film history. The section Cinema Excelsior section focus on experimental and independent film in one country. The section will present the Italian experimental film this year

Seven program blocks made by contemporary and . The effort of the section is to show influential and active filmmakers across the history of Italian experimental film. There will be a selection of Vidioni Italieane and Analogica or the curatorial selection of colleagues from Camera Ardente. All screenings of the Cinema Excelsior section will take place in the City Museum on Goethe Square.

Except for experimental films, we will present two comedies by Italian director Dino Risi from the 1960s: Il Sorpasso at the opening ceremony of the festival at 7pm on August 28th and on the last day September 1st at 7 pm, the movie Monsters (I Mostri) will be shown. All GALA screenings will take place at Social House Casino in Reitenberger 95/4.